Research Services

Independent and industry-leading property insights from across Australia

The property industry has a habit of keeping its eyes on the horizon. Our research services know this all too well.

The foundational nature of the property industry here in Australia underpins the very security of commerce itself. And our research arm, combined with our advisory services provides our clients with additional market clarity suited to their needs.

With a diverse team, a national presence and over 30 years of experience in property, our research department offers industry insights across Australia’s property sector.

Our teams provide clients with commissioned research and asset advisory support that is tailored to individual client requirements across a wide range of property sectors. Reviewing, analysing and interpreting the market conditions of Australia’s economic and property markets.

Our expertise gives us the opportunity to explore new ways to bring value to the property industry. Supporting each of our service offerings, our property research division is based in Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide and Brisbane.

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Research Services