Litigation and Acquisition

Our independence is the source of our pride.

m3property carry a responsibility on behalf of authorities, claimants and individuals to give objective and conflict-free advice in matters of litigation and acquisition, including disputes, across a breadth of property types in Australia.

Our litigation and acquisition advisory team act for government departments, claimants, and lawyers, ensuring objective advice when it really matters.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Australian property market partners with our truly objective business model to ensure our clients can have faith in our advice, whoever they are. We pride ourselves on objectivity and expertise, ensuring no conflict of interest. And our reliability is the foundation-stone of our reputation; something we take very seriously.

Our litigation and acquisition services cover property valuation, due diligence, court appearances, consulting and advisory services. We believe our job is to inform better decisions and build relationships that our client can rely on.

Our team are positioned to provide objective, independent valuation and advice on:

  • Compulsory acquisitions
  • Financial loss claims
  • Capital and rental property disputes
  • Rating disputes
  • Litigation
  • Rental determinations
  • Margin-scheme valuations
  • And more…

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Litigation and Acquisition